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Dean & Sarah Niles, Bought a house in Minooka

So before you buy a house , I don’t think you realize how important and essential it is to get a realtor who is intelligent, genuine and available. You need someone you can count on to help you make decisions and choose a home that fits you and your families needs. Raquel showed me another side to reality that I didn’t know existed . I have had many realtors show me places when I was interested but she was the first to ask about me needs, my must haves and no’s . She sat with us and went over pros and cons. She was always available to answer questions. I really feel as if we were her most challenging clients with all the ups and downs we faced buying a house and I’m not sure we would be in our home if it wasn’t for all the hard work she put in to make sure we got the house our hearts were set on. She set us up with the right people and walked us through every step of the way. I can guarantee there is not a realtor out there that puts in so much time, effort and passion into their work the way she does. She made sure we made the right moves with the offers and there is something about how she chooses the houses to show you that feels as if they were meant to be yours . If you miss out on one , be assured she has something better lined up. Very highly recommended . Diamond in the ruff.